Click & Drive: Buying a Car During the Lockdown

Covid-19 has drastically changed the way we buy cars. Life under Lockdown looks very different. The NSW Government has advised that Car dealerships close their doors in Greater Sydney and affected regional districts and that retail operations be limited to click and collect only. With lockdowns likely to be extended and maybe a normal part of life for a while, the way we buy cars into the future will forever be changed. 

Lockdowns may be very inconvenient, but our customer’s and staff’s safety must come before everything else, as difficult as that makes things. Although COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works in the past 12 months, buying that car you’ve always wanted can still be done, just differently. 

Here are some things you need to remember when looking for your next used car:

Is it possible to visit a car dealership?

This will vary depending on the extremes of lockdown. You may be able to visit, but not test drive, or in harsher lockdowns you may only be able to visit when collecting your car. Consult the dealership’s website, utilise their live chat or contact them by phone or email. Leave your details so the dealer can contact you to schedule the next steps.

Remember, that most of your car research and shopping can be done online. 

Is it safe for me to test drive a car?

Throughout lockdown phases, the short answer is no, but contact the dealership to confirm the current rules and procedures. Some dealerships create unique walk around videos for customers that include a walkaround of the car in question. This may help you see the whole car live. 

Can I get the car delivered?

The good news is most of them will! Dealerships generally do everything they can to provide a comprehensive online buying experience, such as offering video calls to detail vehicle features and driving experience. While we cannot guarantee that all dealerships will bring any vehicle to your door, many do, so inquire now.


We have a lot of spare time in our hands now that the great bulk of Australia is on Lockdown. The first thing to figure out is what your primary purpose for driving is. Is the car being used for work? Is it solely to get you from point A to point B? Before you start looking for a vehicle, you must first plan out how you will use it.

Choose the model you want

A common error made by many buyers is not having a clear picture of the car they desire. This frequently leads to them making a purchase on which they are not entirely sure. Once you’ve narrowed down the model you want, it’s critical to do some research on how much that model is selling for.

Obtain a pre-approval

It might be demoralising to put your heart and soul into a car, only to discover later that it is out of your reach. Pre-approval is highly beneficial since it accurately describes how much you can afford to borrow, whether you will be able to service the loan instalments and an endpoint for negotiation.

Booking a Test Drive

Things become a little tricky because arranging a test drive is difficult due to the present lockdowns. Many dealers are offering guarantees during this time so make sure to ask what their policy is. Also, if you aren’t in a rush you can make plans for a later date. When you’ve finalised the car you want to buy, make a reservation with the dealership ahead of time.

Finally, Lockdown has only increased demand for high-quality used vehicles. Because Australians dislike public transportation and new car production is limited, used cars are currently the preferred option for all car buyers. Before setting out to buy a car, you should thoroughly investigate all the details and talk with as many people as possible to ensure you make the best possible selection.

My Car Choice has always strived to make the customers’ lives easier.  With that in mind, we have introduced Click & Drive to facilitate online shopping and contactless pickups in three easy steps.

Step: 01

Visit Our Virtual Showroom

Look for a vehicle on our new website. You call us on 02 9762 6255 or use the Live Chat feature.

Step: 02

Order Online

Once you’ve finalised the right vehicle, you can reserve your car online with a fully refundable deposit of $199 and then finalise the process with one of our Sales Executives over the phone. Pay or finance your vehicle entirely remotely. Complete your paperwork using DocuSign (eSignature)

Step: 03

Collect Your Vehicle from Our Dealership/Free Home Delivery

Click & Collect or Free Home Delivery

Our online team is available on 02 9762 6255 to help you select the right vehicle. They can also set up a Contactless Click and Collect appointment at our dealership or FREE Home Delivery * (T&C’s apply).