How To Sell My Car Quickly

All car owners must deal with the sale of a car at some point or other. Selling a car is not an easy task even at the best of times, but it gets tougher if you are looking at selling your car quickly. This blog seeks to guide you on how to “sell my car” faster and at the best possible price. Depending on the type of car you own, the best price points can vary greatly. However, the basic steps involved are always the same.

Get Your Car Valued

Get a formal valuation of your car done. You do this at either a car dealer or a car-buying business. This helps you get the base price and a fair idea of the price you can expect for the car. In addition, most private buyers will be looking at bargaining with you, so this will also help you decide how much you would be willing to reduce the price for the buyer.

Clean Your Car Thoroughly

This is best done professionally to make your car more photogenic and attractive to buyers.

Take Good Photographs

Photographs taken during the early morning or late afternoon hours bring out the best lines of your car. Ensure you get some good shots with the car in focus and filling the frame without any features or parts getting cut off. Take pictures from different angles and also photos of the accessories you are selling the car with.

Selling privately – The Online Ad

An ad is a good way to sell your car on multiple platforms. Both free and paid options are available. The three main ones that come to mind are Gumtree, Carsales, and Facebook Marketplace. The ads with the best possibility of getting your car sold have to be interesting, detailed and honest.

Specify how much rego is left, service history, if you have logbooks, make, model, and condition. Note down all the advantages of the vehicle and also mention the disadvantages that you feel are relevant.

The price is the most important thing when selling a car. Look at other cars similar to yours to get an idea of the current market value and finalise the price. It would help if you first got a rough overview of the market situation to evaluate what the car is worth. Private buyers will bargain heavily with you as they do not have any guarantee as they would have when buying from a dealer. Have a roadworthy certificate ready. So buyers will know that it can be transferred to their name without any hidden costs.

Selling your car to a private buyer might appear to give you the best chance to sell at a higher price. But offering your car for sale privately might not always lead to a quick sale. There are no hard and fast rules that guarantee to sell your car quickly when you go about it privately. You may still have to wait a long time for the right buyer and price. In addition, private selling involves a lot of additional effort with car viewings, test drives, and the scheduling of all these.

Selling to a Dealership

This is by far the best way to sell your car quickly. Selling to a dealer ensures that you do not have the hassles of dealing with potential buyers, scheduling appointments, and having strangers come to your house. Dealers are professionals in the field who will advise you on the repairs required and offer you an industry best price. They will be able to fix the car cheaper and faster if needed so there’s no need for you to field the ongoing phone calls from the buyer if something unforeseen were to break. Selling your car to a dealer makes it much easier to walk away happy and less stressed. No wasted time on photos, ad preparation, cleaning and maintenance until it’s sold.

A private sale could get you a higher price but at the cost of time and inconvenience. Also, contrary to popular belief, not every dealer is looking for a bargain. Used cars are hard to get right now, so a dealer may be offering you close to what you would receive privately anyway, without the hassle. When you sell to a dealer, the dealer runs the risk of selling your car and carrying out repairs, and provides warranties at their own expense. 

As a seller, unless your expectations are unrealistic, a dealer will not turn away from the negotiation, and you could wind up getting more than you expect. Always be honest and confident when you deal with them and make sure you take into account everything involved in selling a used car, not just the final price. If something doesn’t feel right, you are under no obligation. 

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