Best Used Cars to Buy in Australia

A brand new car with crispy clean interiors, the whiff of new leather, sparkling metal surfaces, and ultramodern gadgets is quite an adorable thing. It’s not besmirched by a previous owner. It’s highly less likely to break down. It’s like a new baby that came into your arms, unspoiled and pristine. However, there are some huge benefits to buying used cars for sale.

Benefits of Buying Best Used Cars for Sale

A top benefit is a depreciation. When you buy a car that’s just a few years old, you would save a lot of money when compared to buying the latest model of that car. Since the car’s value is low, the insurance is also low.

With almost all used car businesses gone online, finding a model you want at the price you would like has become as easy as ever. There are also a lot of options for the best used cars for you to choose from.

With long-term repayments coming in, buying luxury used cars is a big decision for your family. It’s important to know that the pre-owned car you buy is reliable, safe, and offers value for money.

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We have seen that what is in demand with the new car trends is also reflected in the used car market. Here are some of the best used cars to buy in Australia.


Used Car Mazda 3 for sale

Mazda is one of the best-recognized brands that made its first car in 1931. It is best known for the development of the Wankel rotary engine. Now Mazda sells over 9 models in Australia and is the second best-selling car manufacturer in the country.

Let’s look at Mazda best used cars for sale – CX-7, CX-5 and 3.

The Mazda CX-7 has a successful combination of sporty looks and performance and makes for a fun driving experience. Mazda has made the car more efficient than its earlier SUVs through its custom Skyactiv system. Price starts from $10,888.

Though arrived only in 2012, Mazda CX-5 has stylish exterior looks, contemporary interiors and road presence backed by high-tech engines. Available in two and all-wheel-drive in both petrol and diesel, this Japanese car is a great urban deal. Price starts from $17,488.

As an efficient long-distance cruiser, Mazda 3 has impressive safety, comfort and technology features. With the 2020 World Car Design of the Year award under the belt, it is a car that owners are proud to show off. Price starts from $14,888.


used BMW 3 series for sale

For some, BMW is a status symbol and for others, it’s a belief in the philosophy of “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” BMW creates beautifully-designed cars that never compromise on quality. They are sophisticated, classy and make a really good impression.

Let’s look at BMW best used luxury cars for sale – 3 series and 5 series.

The 3 series is an ideal family car. The turbo engine is highly responsive yet smoothly transferred. The efficient suspension system with relatively small tyres takes on our roads with a refined poise. The price range starts from $11,888.

If you’re looking for a luxury sedan with serious performance, the 5 series will delight you. Packed with safety features like antilock disc brakes, front and side airbags and stability control, it’s a great luxury used cars option. The price range starts from $26,999.


Used Toyota Aurion for sale

Having some of the longest-lasting cars in the market, Toyota has earned a stellar reputation for being reliable. Meticulous attention to detail, focus on the economy, and high reliability – all these have created a fierce customer loyalty for Toyota cars.

Let’s look at Toyota quality used cars for sale – C-HR and Aurion

Toyota gets aggressive with the rollout of the C-HR which has a big inside for a small SUV. It comes with all the works including LED headlights, fog lights, heated and power mirrors, rain-sensing wipers, reversing camera, and keyless entry among others. The price starts from $27,999.

Take Aurion out for a test drive and you will feel like a kid in a candy store. You just want to own it. The sportiness of this large V6-powered Camry spin-off with admirable levels of control and great road holding powers makes it one of the best cars around. The price starts from $10,499.


Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class for sale

A Merc is more than horsepower, torque or top speed – it’s the driving experience. You’ll experience brilliant performance out of the systems that deliver superior handling, comfort, fuel economy and safety. Mercedes-Benz is a car made to perfection.

Let’s look at the Mercedes-Benz luxury used cars for sale – C-Class.

With powerful engine choices and three body styles, Mercedes-Benz C-Class has one of the best interiors in the class with super comfortable front seats and plenty of technology built-in. The dependability of the C-Class comes with Mercedes Me Connect, dynamic select, agility control, and cabriolet comfort package. The price starts from $14,999.


Used Audi A5

The prestigious German car brand synonymous with performance and innovation. While choosing Audi, most people put quality high on their shopping list and don’t want to compromise in terms of quality and finish of the materials.

Let’s look at the luxury used cars of Audi – S4, A5 and Q3.

The Audi S4 is quick and light on its wheels. It delivers secure handling, premium cabin finishes, and makes you feel sure about yourself. As a well-made, quick and well-rounded sports sedan, S4 is one of the best used cars on sale. Price starts from $41,888.

The Audi A5 is not intimidating. It feels reassuringly solid. It’s simple but beautifully built. This mid-sized, sharp-looking luxury SUV has a long list of safety features, an efficient all-wheel drive, and six driving modes for a smooth, quiet glide along the road. Price starts from $33,999.

Under the bonnet of Audi Q3, lurks the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine connected to an all-wheel-drive system. This compact SUV has a savvy style and a mature design delivering ease of use and everyday practicalities. The price starts from $25,999.

While there are some lows to buying a used car for sale instead of a new one, on the good side, you can save a lot on car price, vehicle insurance, and dealer fee. Once you set your budget and the kind of use, you’ll find a plethora of the best used car options online at My Car Choice – a local authorised used car dealer in Sydney or call us on 02 9762 6255. We can help you to find the right car of your dream.

Drive safe.