What to Consider While Searching for the Best Used Car

Best Used Car

Let us first thank all those people who, while buying a car, cannot do without that “new car smell.” They always buy a new car. They upgrade their wheels every 3 to 5 years, It costs them dearly; nevertheless, they buy only brand new cars.

They keep the entire automotive industry running and make it possible for the rest of us to buy the best used cars possible.

Do you want to drive the latest model or do you value money in your pocket more than that new car smell?

There are many reasons to buy a used car, but the most compelling reason is depreciation.

Typically, in the Australian auto market, a 3-year-old car with 50,000 km on the clock, will command around 60-70% of its original price. A 5-year old model with up to 100,000 km could depreciate up to 50-60% of its original price.

The flipside to buying second-hand cars is the risk. New cars have the manufacturer’s warranty, and the buyer is protected under the Australian Consumer Law. Though buying a used car from a dealership will come with a warranty, you need to be a bit careful when you buy a car that’s a few years old.

For many car buyers, a used car is a great choice. Whether they are looking for their first car or getting a bigger car, used car dealerships give them a lot of options and many affordable used cars to choose from.

When you look for the best used car, you need the right car for the right price. Any used car is in fact a moving collection of history. The present condition of the car depends on that history. A buyer needs to know that history to make the right purchase.

Let’s look at some of the things to consider while searching for the best used car.

Age of The Car

From a used car dealership, you will find cars ranging from 2 months to 20 years and more. You need to primarily decide what is too old for you. Cars that are old beyond certain years will lack some luxury and safety features. You need to decide if you’ll be able to live without them.

With age, comes wear and tear. No matter how thoroughly the car was maintained by its previous owner, over time and with continual use the overall condition of the car diminishes. The deterioration in its performance, power and functioning of most of its parts is inevitable.

Owners of The Car

Some owners treat their car with respect, drive it appropriately and service it on time. For some others, it’s just a dumping ground and they take poor care of it. Finding out how the owner has treated the car in the past could give you some insights into the present condition of the car.

Another important factor to consider is the number of owners the car had. Different people have different driving styles and the greater the number of people who owned it, the more strain it has undergone in terms of care and driving style. A used car that has had 1 or 2 owners could be a better buy.

Doing an Inspection & Test Drive

Getting an experienced mechanic to check out the used car you intend to buy could be one of the wisest decisions you would ever make. You need a professional to determine if the car is mechanically sound that there’s no issue that will cost you a bomb later.

Visually a lot of cars might appeal to you, but a simple test drive could be all you need to see how it runs. Test driving the used car will let you know if there are any major problems with the engine, lights, brakes and other wear and tear items.

Finding a Trustworthy Dealership

Buying used cars from a reliable and trustworthy dealership is a great way to ensure the quality of the car. It also means that your car has been checked by professionals and most of the time it comes with a warranty too.

The reputation of My Car Choice comes from the customers who have purchased the best used cars from the dealership. Some of the benefits that come along with buying a car from My Car Choice are:

  • Extended warranty of 15 months
  • Free roadside assistance for 15 months
  • Vehicle history report and PPSR certificate
  • Coverage of minor services
  • Black & white number plates

We wish you enjoyable and trouble-free motoring on your favourite wheels.

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